Date: 20-21/02/2024
Place: Brussels

ECS 2024 is a networking event dedicated to project proposals in the field of Electronic Components and Systems.

Katiuscia Zedda, Tiziana Fanni (ABI), Francesca Palumbo, Francesco Ratto (UNICA), Claudio Rubattu (UNISS), Andres Otero (UPM) and Francesco Regazzoni (USI) participated to the event, and contributed to discuss and share MYRTUS plans and create synergies. 

Collaborations are a key driver of innovation and knowledge exchange, and they can lead to more efficient research outcomes and a better understanding of the broader research landscape. MYRTUS is already a member of the European Initiative EUCloudEdgeIoT, and it aims at establishing synergies with other projects and initiatives, including important associations (HiPEACInside Industry AssociationGaia-X, etc.), technology communities, the #IPCEI initiatives.